Water Growing Dinosaurs - 32 Pack


  • Water Growing Dinosaurs - 32 Pack - Funky Toys
  • Water Growing Dinosaurs - 32 Pack - Funky Toys
  • Water Growing Dinosaurs - 32 Pack - Funky Toys
  • Water Growing Dinosaurs - 32 Pack - Funky Toys
  • Water Growing Dinosaurs - 32 Pack - Funky Toys
  • Water Growing Dinosaurs - 32 Pack - Funky Toys
  • Water Growing Dinosaurs - 32 Pack - Funky Toys
  • Water Growing Dinosaurs - 32 Pack - Funky Toys

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  •  THE PERFECT TOYS FOR YOUR CHILD! - This beautiful set of 32 expandable dinosaurs is your best bet to provide your kid with a toy that is educational and fun at the same time! With assorted colors and styles, your child will be truly fascinated by these growing dinos and so will you!
  • ADD WATER AND STAND BACK! – These 2’’ dinosaurs expand in size up to 300% when they are in water, almost like magic! Let your child play with these gigantic creatures while giving them their daily bath or while playing outside in the pool or fountain!
  • SAFE, BPA-FREE MATERIALS! – Here at Funky Toys, we make it a point of only using top-quality materials that are guaranteed to be safe for your children. After all, we have children as well and we let them play with these toys all the time!
  • GIFT-READY, BEAUTIFUL PACKAGE! – Unlike similar water growing toys out there, ours come in a beautiful box design, 100% suitable for gift-giving! Whether you are a loving mother or grandmother or simply in the market for a unique toy idea for your friends’ kid, this water-expanding dinos set will be a gift to remember!
  • UNLIMITED FUN OR YOUR MONEY BACK! – Hundreds of happy parents and grandparents have already purchased this toy set and watched their children become overwhelmed by excitement, which is why we are confident your children will love it as well! However, if that’s not the case, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll make it right!

Looking for an unforgettable present for your kid?
Trying to think of a way to transform their bath-time into a fun game?
We have just the solution for you! You will love it!

Presenting Funky Toys - Water Growing Dinosaurs Set!
These toy dinosaurs may seem small at first but wait until you immerse them in water!
Their original size goes up by 600% which is truly impressive to look at, even if you are an adult!
Imagine how much fun your children will have with toys like that!

Perfect Packaging - Perfect Gift Idea!
If you've got your kid's birthday coming up and you are just unsure about what to get them, rest assured there is no better gift than this dino set!
It comes in an elegant, fun and gift-ready packaging which is a vital part of the gift-giving experience!

Plus, we can guarantee that the colorful and assorted toy dinosaurs are all made from premium-quality materials and unlike those cheap imitations, our toys are entirely safe for your children.

Shower Time Made Fun!
If you're having a hard time giving your kid a shower, don't worry. He or she may be giving you a hard time now, but wait until they get their little hands on these dinos!
Transform the shower experience into a fun experience for you and your children!


100% Risk-Free Purchase
Knowing that these water-growing toys are covered under the umbrella of Funky Toys' money-back guarantee, there is simply nothing standing between you and your kid's favorite new toys!


So stop wasting time and place your order now!

Just Scroll Up And Click "Add To Cart"!

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